Urgent Solution for the delicate political crisis in our beloved Somalia



Urgent Solution for the delicate political crisis in our beloved Somalia

By Act For Somalia

Political disputes in Somalia are seen business as usual. But the latest political bickering in the country came as a shock to many Somalis in the country and abroad, and, like the majority of the broken promises in the past few years, it is not a pleasant one – rather, it is unnecessary, appalling and distressing

Since the end of the transitional period in 2012, The situation, thanks to the resilience of Somali people and the support of our international friends, have been heading toward a promising level of recovery and reconstruction.

Commitments were made by the International community to finance the New Deal Compact produced  by the Fedaral Government of Somalia(FGS) that aims to build a sovereign, secure, democratic, united and federal Somalia with 1.8 billion Euro – the biggest development pledge Somalia have ever had from the donors. Somali people and the international community were fervently confident about the progress Somalia has been making. Former EU High Representative, Catherine Ashton said ‘There is now a real atmosphere of activity, emerging governance and hope’. And the speakers of the recent Copenhagen Conference were talking about a progress that needs to be encouraged and invested.

In recent years we have been witnessing promising signs of progress in the country: the major southern cities are under the control of FGS and AMISOM peacekeepers; al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab – one of the major threats to Somalia’s state building process – lost the momentum and they are on the run and they have less ability to confront conventionally with the Somali National Forces and its AMISOM allies.

Thousands of Somalis from the diaspora started to go back home to participate in the building of the second republic of Somalia. More than fifty ambassadors from all over the world including China and South Korea to Norway and South Africa have been lining up in villa Somalia to present their credentials to the head of the state.

Unfortunately the current political crisis seems to be dragging the country into uncertainty as it risks all the hardly gained achievements.One full month gone and the events took a turn for the worse, with the tit-for-tat politics national institutions seems to be in a complete paralysis.

This political calamity has become chasm since the adoption of the new constitution and it reached to a situation where Somali people cannot ignore anymore. Because, there is a real fear that Somalia is in danger of another political uncertainty and if our leaders fail to solve this dispute quickly, it will ran the risk of undermining Somali government institutions which in turn will attract more warlords, clan manipulators and extremists. The complexity of the situation rises the need to accelerate the revision of the constitution to create political stability

Somalia cannot afford another month of needless political stalemate – It needs urgent initiatives from its political leaders to lay the basis for national dialogue, national reconciliation, and the consolidation of the pillars of the State institutions to achieve vision 2016.


Act for Somalia


Bristol, UK



Act for Somalia is Somali British advisory & Awareness raising Org based in Bristol/UK with a Global Reach to promote Peace,Human Rights,Democracy and Civic Engagement.

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