The Somalia public: No time for Pessimism or disengagement

Liban Obsiye

Graduate of the School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol, UK
@LibanObsiye (twitter)

I was awoken from the most uncomfortable airline sleep by a lively discussion-taking place
between other passengers across the aisles during one of my many trips to Turkey from
Somalia. It seems Somalis have become so obsessed with politics that the topic has become a
continuous discussion on land, at sea and, as was evident, in the air.
Before I could compose myself to ask the passengers nearest to me to lower their voices, as I
was certain other fellow travelers were not so interested in the Somali State formation
process, I was struck by a comment made by the passenger sitting next to me. In an angry
tone and while waving his finger, he said, “It is the sole duty of the Government of Somalia
to deliver a better tomorrow for their people.”
While I agreed with the above sentiment, I also encouraged my neighbour to consider the
role of the Somali people themselves in making progress and prosperity possible in their
The Somali people are among the most entrepreneurial, hardworking and resilient in the
world. They have survived and succeeded in remaining on their feet through one of the most
disastrous civil wars in modern history.Click to read all
No time for pessimism or disengagement

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