About Us

Act for Somalia is non-partisan independent non-governmental Somali-British advisory and awareness-creation organisation based in Mogadishu-Somalia and Bristol-UK with a Global Reach to promote Peace,Democracy,Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Act for Somalia has a long and proud history of connecting the Somali people both at home and abroad to the policy processes that govern them. As an organization we are focused bottom up leadership development and grass root activism,civic engagement and education for the empowerment of those whom we feel will create sustainable change in their immediate communities and for their society. Act for Somalia’s multi disciplinary and diverse members are leaders in their own fields and have extensive experience in community activism, development and education. We have worked to bridge the gap in Somalia between the public, government and other stakeholders by connecting local perspectives with national and international processes and players.

Act for Somalia holds monthly public lectures which brings together those at the cutting edge of research, education and politics to discuss their work with the community their work addresses

We are an exercise in democracy, free speech, freedom of association and diverse representation. In a nutshell we are a tool and an engine for progress and change in both our homes; England and Somalia.

Act for Somalia believes democratic and prosperous Somalia can be a catalyst for a peace in Somalia and the region.

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