Press Release(Go to School intiative Bristol)

An event took place at the Mariott Hotel in Bristol last night in order to publicise the Somalia Go to School Initiative. The meeting was chaired by Zakariya Hussein, a prominent member of Act for Somalia, and the Welcome was given by Farouq Chaudury, Local Councillor.

Somali’s Minister of Human Development and Public services HE Dr Maryam Qasim, attended this event to publicise her  new Go to School Initiative.

She outlined the current state of education among school age children in Somalia and put forward her vision of 1,000,000 Somali children attending school by September 2013. A local Somali teacher, Omar Sabriye, gave a passionate speech on the importance of universal school education and the difference this would make to people’s lives. As well as the aspirations of Somali children receiving an education and going to university, school education also has its part to play in reducing inter-clan tensions. The Minister listened to the views of Somali teachers and elders and encouraged all members of the Somali Diaspora to contribute to this initiative, whether this was by returning to teach in the schools themselves, providing resources or fundraising from within the UK. The message at the end of the event was that this goal was achievable if everyone from the Somali Diaspora contributed.

This event was very well attended which shows the interest in and support for this initiative within the Bristol Somali community and our thanks go to our Team for organising the event and Dr Maryam Qasim for attending.

Mohamed Ahmed Cantoobo


Act for Somalia

123 4 5 67

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