Our main purpose is to promote creating an effective & efficient institutional capacity that can serve the purpose of Peaceful and Democratic State. Therefore the following are areas in which places for will work to contribute

  • Promoting good governance;
  • Monitoring and Evaluating the performance of Somali government institutions, and publishing findings annually and also rewarding institutions and individuals accordingly;
  • Capacity building at all levels of the government;
  • Encouraging experts from Somali community in Britain and other Somali Diaspora communities to participate short term volunteering programs in the Somali government;
  • Providing opportunities for civil servants to gain additional experience relevant to their jobs (e.g. experience sharing tours to other countries);
  • Encouraging the participation of marginalized groups in government structure (e.g. women and minority clans)
  • Increasing Youth Political Participation
  • Educate Somalis both in UK and in Somalia on Civic Engagement, Human Rights, and Democracy