Congratulations to all voters

Act for Somalia congratulates the Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister David Cameron, on its victory during this general election. It is indeed a testament to the strength of our democracy that the majority of the public are rewarded with a Party and leader they voted for.
While there are a great amount of ideological differences and politicking within the main Political Party’s in the UK, it is crucial that this new government govern for the whole of the United Kingdom and not for the few as Prime Minister Cameron promised in his acceptance speech outside 10 Downing Street today.
While three major political leaders have resigned as a result of their Party’s performance at the polls and another has been elected Prime Minister, the real winners in this election were those who exercised their hard won democratic right to vote. An impressive turnout of 66.1% makes this election one of the most successful in terms of turnout and with so much at stake only a few hours before the full results were announced, it is a shame turnout was not even higher.
Our organisation worked tirelessly to establish and lead a coalition of other community groups and organisations within the Somali community in the UK to educate, sign up and encourage others within the community to vote. Voting for us was, and remains going forward, the key mechanism to tackle the Social Exclusion and the resulting invisibility our community is challenged with within the local and national political arena.
It was heart warming to see so many first time voters, young and old, exercising their right to be heard at the ballot box. One mother of 4 had to be picked up when her car broke down on the way to a polling station in East Bristol while another had left a college exam and just made it in time to vote before the polling station closed in his constituency of Bristol West. This urgency and determination to be counted and heard, is what we have always fought for as an organisation and are proud to see understood and exercised in our community today.
The Somali community and other groups within society which face various social and economic obstacles have to learn and spread the message that only by becoming politically involved will their voices be heard. Only by demanding more and better from their representatives will they have change. More importantly, only by engaging and eventually participating themselves, can they leave a mark on British politics, their cities, neighbourhoods, public services and the lives of those they love and cherish.
Regardless of the results, congratulations to all who voted. You have changed Britain, your home, in some way through this simple but vital action.
Act for Somalia

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