Bristol must go forward

Bristol is a truly special place. A place of history, diversity, industry and much economic prospects for all its residents.

Bristol is one of the few major cities in the country where students choose to stay on and build their lives after completing their studies at many of our internationally recognised and brilliant colleges and universities. Bristol indeed has much to be proud of.

Bristol was one of a few cities which chose to do away with its administrative style Council leadership and opted for an elected mayor in 2012. Yesterday, Marvin Reese was elected the second Mayor of the city after electorally defeating the incumbent George Ferguson who beat him to the post in 2012.

Act For Somalia, despite our international efforts, proudly calls Bristol home. We welcome the election of Mayor Marvin Reese and we thank George Ferguson for his contribution to the city.

Bristol, despite its wealth and international educational and industrial standing, has much to improve on. Today, we have some of the richest and poorest neighbourhoods in the country and some of the best educational opportunities and worst performing schools nationally.

Mayor Marvin must prioritise making Bristol a place of equality and opportunity for all residents. He must also balance this against sustaining the high levels of direct private sector investment reaching our city whilst ensuring the residents of Bristol, especially the young, benefit fully from these opportunities.

Governing Bristol will certainly not be easy. However, the people of Bristol, demand better public services, mature governance from city hall and opportunities that will allow them to contribute to the city they love.

We wish Mayor Marvin all the best and we can assure him of our support and cooperation as he seeks to implement policies that will take our beautiful, diverse and rich city forward

Act for Somalia

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