Act for somalia Press release

Last week was very busy week for Act for Somalia team; we attended various meetings and conferences on Somalia.
As a thriving organisation that aims to steer both the Government of Somalia and its international friends in order to make Somalia that is peace with itself and with the rest of the world, these conferences were great opportunities for us to present our vision at the same time create awareness of the  all those involved in rebuilding of Somalia.
On the early morning of Tuesday 7 May 2013 we had a well organised breakfast alongside other Orgnisations  with Prime Minister David Cameroon and President Hasan Shiekh Mahmoud in a Somali restaurant in Shepherd’s Bush one hour before they co-hosted the major international conference that was attended more than 50 representatives from the countries and international organisations including the IMF, World Bank, Africa development Bank, like Arab league, African Union etc.
We have also attended Somalia trade and investment conference that was held on Wednesday 8 May 2013 the aim of this conference was to promote business and economic growth that defeats poverty. At the end of the conference it was conceivable that in the last two decades Somali private sector has shown resilience and it has been growing as a result that it needs international support and investment to fill in the public sector gap and more importantly to create Public-Private Partnership to overcoming economic difficulties.
We have attended two-day AMISOM and Somalia Diaspora meeting that was designed to improve AMISOM engagement with the Somali Diaspora communities. We believe that this kind of AMISOM meetings with the Somali people abroad will build a greater confidence among the Somali Diaspora on the AMISOM interventions.
And finally on Friday 10 May we had a very successful meeting with the president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud. During the meeting we discussed a range of important issues. We shared many examples in which we can promote “the participation of Diaspora educated and trained to transfer their skills to the Somali institutions”. We expressed a shared confidence that by working with his government in partnership on issues like our willingness to create a ‘volunteering model’ we can reach encouraging outcome.
We were very inspired by the achievements of the last week and we will accelerate our effort to contribute the creation of peaceful Somalia.
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